Aircraft 54-1785 - F-100C - 05-NA

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1325 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 54-1785 (foreground) Chanute AFB via Dale Jensen.jpg
Photo contributor: Dale Jensen (165)
Thunderbird F-100C (shown in the foreground) at Chanute AFB, Rantoul, Illinois. This photo was taken in the early '90s, before the base closed. The serial number is listed as 54-1785 on the website. Note by Peter Rob: the history of 54-1785 is traced in Henk Scharringa’s database, accessed via his website. (The database screen shot is shown below the photo.) The ID number shown in the photo is a bit confusing… normally, the year digit is shown rather than the decade digit. For example, 54785 would normally indicate serial number 55-4785, but that serial number does not exist. In this case, the 54-1785 serial number referenced by the aeromuseum matches the aircraft in question, but the “1” does not appear in the ID number shown in the picture. The ID number (54784) on the D model in the background does not match either 55-4784 or 54-1784. If you have any information about the correct serial number for this D model, please contact me via the website’s “Contact me” link.