Aircraft 54-1871 - F-100C - 20-NA

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Photo contributor: Henk Pool (54)
Photo courtesy of Henk Pool This photo was taken by me (Henk Pool) at the Soesterberg Aviation Museum, Soesterberg, the Netherlands. Note by Peter Rob: The tail and buzz numbers on this aircraft do not match any F-100D. The number 54-1871 was selected to commemorate one of the F-100C models that was assigned to the Soesterberg AB during the early 1960s. Henk Scharringa's database shows a record of 54-1871 at the "New Amsterdam" AB, with a picture taken on 8 April, 1960.
1010 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 54-1871-New-Amsterdam-8-4-60.jpg
Photo contributor: Peter Rob (38)
Photo of 54-1871 taken at New Amsterdam AB, 8 April, 1960. Photo courtesy of Henk Scharringa -- check his database for a full history of this aircraft.