Aircraft 54-1924 - F-100C - 20-NA

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Photo contributor: Peter Rob (38)
This postcard photo was taken at Soesterberg AB, the Netherlands. I bought the postcard on 15-Oct-2002. (eBay, from David Molesworth, Port Douglas, Australia.) The postcard depicts an F-100C, 54-1924, assigned to the 36th Fighter Day Wing (USAFE), 23rd TFS. At the time, this aircraft was based at Bitburg, West Germany The 36th Wing's four squadrons, 22nd (red), 23rd (blue), 32nd (green), and 53rd (yellow) all had similar paint schemes, the primary difference being the color. This aircraft's tail diagonal bands are blue, with white separation lines and edges. The chevrons below the cockpit are blue with a white edge overlaid on a white chevron with a blue edge. Henk Scharringa, who developed the very extensive database found on, notes that 54-1924's other assignment was to Wheelus Air Base in Lybia, where it crashed on 27 May, 1958. Photographer unknown. Date unknown. If you have sdditional information on this aircraft, please contact me.