Aircraft 54-1951 - F-100C - 20-NA

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Photo contributor: Richard Roussell (39)
USAF Photo KE-26388. Original issued as post card by John Fry Productions P.O.Box 9444 San Diego, CA 92109. This aircraft, 54-1951, was assigned to the 4758th DSES (Defense Systems Evaluation Squadron) of the ADC (Air Defense Command) stationed at Biggs AFB, Texas. (Information supplied by Dave Colbert.) Information supplied by David Deaver Commandant (CG-5451) U.S. Coast Guard: It is difficult to tell from the online photo, but I believe the pilot was my grandfather, Wayne J. Rosenberry, Lt. Col. (Ret.) USAF, and that it was taken while he was stationed at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, in the late 60's to 1970. I'm familiar with it because I believe it was also used on the back cover of an Airman Magazine issue (someone actually gave him a copy at one time), which is where I first saw it. It was there that you could actually make out his name on the nose of the aircraft. (He was a Major at the time of the photo).