Aircraft 54-2006 - F-100C - 25-NA

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858 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 54-2006 USAFE Skyblazers 026-edited.jpg
Photo contributor: David Kramer (66)
U. S. Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) Skyblazers, circa 1959. The aircraft serial number is believed to be 54-2006. Note that the name tag on the left breast lapel shows the rank of "Lt." and the canopy rail shows the rank as "CAPT." Comment by Cecil Meyers About photo 858, F-100C serial number 54-2006: Although according to your notes there seems to be some confusion about the pilot's rank, there is no doubt about the guy in the cockpit. That is definitely Pat Kramer, I would recognize that mug anywhere. Odds are that his crew chief was more efficient at getting his new rank on the canopy rail than personal equipment was at getting new name tags for his flight suit!