Aircraft 54-2281 - F-100D - 15-NA

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Photo contributor: Melvin Elliott (81)
The following information was supplied by Larry "Brushface." 54-2281 Display aircraft (Note: it was painted as a Thunderbird in 1959 when the Thunderbirds flew the Far East Tour and was used as #4 aircraft as they used PACAF F100 painted as Thunderbirds) The Thunderbirds did not take their F-100C for the Far East Tour in 1959, but used six F-100Ds of the 18 FW Kadena AB, Okinawa, along with one spare. 54-2281 was flown as Slot #4 aircraft. The 18 FW did a mighty good job painting up six of their aircraft to look like the Thunderbirds. 54-2285, 2287, 2292, 2295, 2299, 2281, and 2294 as a spare.