Aircraft 55-2732 - F-100C - 10-NH

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Photo contributor: Harold Beasley (30)
55-2732, one of the USAF Thunderbirds in tight formation over Lake Meade, Nellis AFB.
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Photo contributor: Peter Rob (38)
Thunderbird show at Andrews AFB, 1958.
435 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 55-2732-Tbird-via-Bill-Hurt-edited.jpg
Photo contributor: William Hurt (73)
Picture taken July 20, 1963. Thunderbirds at 131st TFS. Standing left-to-right: Anthony Petrzelka, Harold Chase, Bob Wagner, Kenneth Aylsworth, Arthur Oesterich. Kneeling left-to-right: Bill Hurt, Clifford Swanson and Wayne Jacobson.