Aircraft 55-2795 - F-100D - 45-NH

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848 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 55-2795-(background)-481st-TFW.jpg
Photo contributor: Norman Turner (128)
481st TFS aircraft. 795 (background) was my airplane. I flew it to Saigon from Cannon and it was later shot down. Comment by Larry "Brusface": This aircraft was lost on 13 November 1965 due to ground fire in SEA, south of the Mekong Delta.
1364 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 55-2795 at Saigon, 1965 e02.jpg
Photo contributor: Norman Turner (128)
This picture of 55-2795 was taken at Tan Son Nhut (Saigon) in 1965. 795 was my aircraft, the F-100D I flew there from Cannon and also flew when it was in my scheduled block in combat, until it was shot down. You have to have been there early in the war to remember that we used to paint bombs on the nose, one for each mission, then. 795 was on its second tour and had more combat missions than any other F-100 when it went down. Once all the aircraft were camouflaged, this practice was gone. A bit of history. I think those are ammo cans being loaded. Linda, the name you see on 795's nose, was the crew chief's wife.