Aircraft 55-2830 - F-100D - 45-NH

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Photo contributor: HA Roberson (116)
55-2830 at Myrtle Beach, SC, in 1969. Information supplied by Brusface: I crewed 55-2830 for the 492 TFS 48 TFW, Lakenheath AB, England in late 1962. 55-2830 was assigned to the A2 Flight. It went to IRAN (Inspect and Repair as Necessary) and I then started on 56-3037. (I did not know it had been assigned to 119 TFS NJ ANG.) It was also assigned to 175 TFS SD ANG and then went to storage at Davis Monthan. It was destroyed as a QF177 Target Drone (Tyndall AFB) on 13 Nov 1985 by an AIM-9P missile.