Aircraft 55-2863 - F-100D - 45-NH

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Photo contributor: Uriel (Pappy) Alford (52)
This photo was taken by the USAF at Alexandria AFB, Louisiana. 55-2863 was assigned to the 27th TFW, based at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. The 27th TFW received its first F-100D in early 1959. This picture must have been taken some time in mid-1959, because it lacks the fin's triangular flash that was painted soon after its 27th TFW assignment. (The 27th TFW squadrons were the 481st, grren, the 522nd, red, the 523rd, blue, and the 524th, yellow.)
646 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 55-2863-Phan-Rang-Al-Smith-1971-01e.jpg
Photo contributor: Albert Smith (107)
In this photo, the Huns are being refueled at the fuel pit. All aircraft were refueled prior to being towed back to the revetments. There are three aircraft -- tail numbers VS 087, 863, and 101 -- from my squadron, the 612th TFS. Note by Peter Rob: If a photo includes more than one aircraft with an identifiable number, a copy of the photo is saved, one for each aircraft. This procedure lets you search for pictures by aircraft number.
654 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 55-2863-All-Smith-edited.jpg
Photo contributor: Albert Smith (107)
This is a photo of me, A1C A. Smith, Jr., when I was an Assistant Crew Chief. I'm sitting on one of the BLUs, also known as "Napes," that were loaded on aircraft 55-2863. This F-100 was sitting inside a revetment that was assigned to SSgt. Robert Reamy. We were waiting for the pilot to help launch him for a sortie (or mission.)
670 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 55-2863-Phan-Rang-1971-Al-Smith-e.jpg
Photo contributor: Albert Smith (107)
Aircraft 55-2863 taxiing out of the revetment. SSgt.Cantu did the marshalling. The aircraft was loaded with BLUs (napes) ordinance. (Note the plain aluminum canisters.)