Aircraft 55-3733 - F-100D - 30-NA

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555 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 55-3733-Tuy-Hoa-to-US-Oct-1970-Bulat.jpg
Photo contributor: Tony Bulat (96)
Three of the aircraft in this picture, taken by Tony Bulat, have a readable tail number, corresponding to the serial numbers 55-3593 (foreground), 55-2860, and 55-3733. (The fourth tail number is unreadable.) Having three copies of the same picture makes it possible to search for each of the three aircraft serial numbers shown in the photo. This picture was shot when Tony Bulat was # 2 in a flight of six departing Tuy Hoa heading across the Pacific on our way to England AFB. The date was approximately Oct. 19, 1970.