Aircraft 56-2978 - F-100D - 65-NA

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Photo contributor: Pat Miller (138)
56-2978, an F-100D assigned to the 79th TFS, which was based at Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK. The 79th shared the base with the 78th TFS, which was part of the 81st TFW. Have you or any of your other correspondents any idea on the nature of the over-sized under-wing store loaded on 56-2978? I wondered if it might be a "spoof" weapon fitted as an air show joke, as I've never seen anything like it on any of the other F-100 pics that I've seen, and I can't believe an F-100 could even fly with such a huge "weapon". Notes by Brushface: About 56-2978, yhe thing under the right intermediate station wing was made up by the troops to fool the public. (They wanted folks to believe that this was the size of a Nuke weapon that an F-100 could carry.) It was all in fun, but sure did fool a bunch of folks. 56-2977 served with the 122 LA ANG, after which it went into storage. Litchfield Park drone conversion in May, 1983. Destroyed Holloman AFB 15 September, 1987, QF117 Target Drone.