Aircraft 56-3109 - F-100D - 70-NA

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532 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3109-Wake-Island-bkgrd-Howard-05.jpg
Photo contributor: Lee Howard (87)
Returning to the U. S. Wake Island in the background. The 56-minute leg from Guam to Hickam. This is the only rock pile we saw on this leg. The aircraft number is 56-3570. Comment by Duane Clawson: Just talked to Lee Howard, who took this picture (#532). Actually, the picture is not of 570, but it shows 56-3109. The rest of his description is correct. I know this to be true, because I was flying 109 at the time. We were a 6 ship, Lee and I were 5 & 6, and were refueling 2v1 with three tankers. So the only one he could have taken a picture of was me. This photo was taken about July 19, 1971, give or take a day. That's me, Duane Clawson, flying 56-3109. (This had to be me in a/c #56-3109. Tail # verified with my form 5 and Henk Sharringa's records. My form 5 shows 6.0 hours for this flight.) I was #5 and Lee was #6 in a 6-ship returning to the land of the big BX. We were a 6-ship, but most of the time we flew as a 2-ship as we buddy-cruised with our tanker.