Aircraft 56-3154 - F-100D - 75-NA

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886 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3154-Pete-Felts-21TDS-307TFS-George-AFB-CA-1958e.jpg
Photo contributor: Pete Felts (76)
That's me (Pete Felts) kneeling next to the nose gear of 56-3154. This photo was taken sometime during 1957/58 at George AFB, CA.
1333 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3154 Galveston, Texas, via Dale Jensen-01e.jpg
Photo contributor: Dale Jensen (165)
This picture was taken at the Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston, Texas, in 1998. (If you go to Google Maps, type in Lone Star Flight Museum, switch to satellite view and zoom in, you can see the aircraft in a grass area between the museum parking lot and a street.)