Aircraft 56-3155 - F-100D - 75-NA

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284 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3155-F-100D-Ben-Brown.jpg
Photo contributor: Ben Brown (59)
Information supplied by Henry A. Engel: The picture of 56-3155 looks like this bird is parked on the ramp in front of the 121st ANG hangar, tail towards the runway that you can see over the top of the wing. The 121st ANG was located at Lockbourne AFB, Columbus, Ohio, now Rickenbacher. My guess would be that the picture was taken during the fall of 1967. (Autumn trees and birds camoed for deployment.) However, this picture may also have been taken after the aircraft’s return during the fall of 1969. (Camo burned off near the tail.)
1317 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3155-Incirlik-2e.jpg
Photo contributor: John Starr (163)
56-3155 during the 522's deployment to Incirlik, Turkey, in 1960.