Aircraft 56-3193 - F-100D - 75-NA

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Photo contributor: Harold Beasley (30)
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Photo contributor: photos PIF (123)
Comment by Joe Vincent: That paint scheme and the tail number look pretty close to being on of the 31st TFW planes that participated in a big gunnery meet in the late 50s, maybe 1958. I think Paul Swick was a crew chief during that competition. He has contributed several photos to your site. He might be able to confirm this one. PS: this looks like a "skip bombing" pass, but you'd never drop (what looks like) a 750 lb "slick" bomb that way! You'd surely get fragged by it yourself. Also note the BDU-33 practice bombs falling, too. Go figure! Comment by Paul Swick ("Hunwrench"): That photo was taken during the William Tell gunnery meet in 1958. During this meet we dropped 250lb bombs from the center line. I was crewing A/C 722 at the time.