Aircraft 56-3194 - F-100D - 75-NA

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616 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3194-C-H-J-Scharringa-Collection-01e.jpg
Photo contributor: Pete Felts (76)
The aircraft in the foreground is 56-3194, Bien Hoa, RVN, 1965. The blue tail markings indicate that this aircraft flew with the 307th TFS, 31st TFW. (C. H. J. Scharringa collection.)
1214 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3194-alert-barn-Moron-AB-Spain-01e.jpg
Photo contributor: Pete Felts (76)
56-3194 in the alert barn at Moron AB, Spain, sometime in 1957 or 1958.