Aircraft 56-3262 - F-100D - 90-NA

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Photo contributor: Peter Rob (38)
This 1/72 scale model depicts the paint scheme of the 48th TFW Weapons Team markings in 1958. This aircraft (56-3262) was flown by Col. Smith, the 48th wing commander. I was told that Col. Smith flew a P-40N in WWII that was identified by a number that had 262 as its last three digits, which is why he chose 56-3262 to be his personal aircraft. I used this color scheme for my 1:1 reproduction of a 56-3262 fuselage segment. (Check it out via the "Restorations" link on this website, then select "Fuselage, Part 11" to see the this a/c stored in my small F-100 "museum.") 56-3262 carried many color schemes during its service life. For example, in 1959, Col. Smith's Hun carried a very colorful multi-color stripe pattern. (Note: Henk Scharringa's is an excellent source for tracking the history of any Hun.) (Italeri kit with Revell/Monogram-Germany decals. I used various shades of Bare Metail Foil Co. sheets to create the aluminum skin.)