Aircraft 56-3298 - F-100D - 90-NA

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1133 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3298-Bob-Rowan-with-ac-e01.jpg
Photo contributor: Bob Rowan (145)
This camo F-100D is 56-3298. I was her crew chief at Nellis AFB, Nevada, in 1969. She stands as a gate guard at Nellis today. (Actually, another number aircraft painted as 3298.) Note from Larry "Brusface": 56-3298 crashed as QF 182 on 15 November, 1989, on a Nullo flight out of Tyndall. The aircraft was completely destroyed, so there wasn't much left of it. The aircraft at Nellis sitting on the pole carrying the 56-3298 number is actually 55-3595. Why they put 56-3298 on the aircraft when it is actually 55-3595 beats me. The 131 Mass ANG last flew 3298 and put it in storage in June, 1979. She was sent to Litchfield Park in October, 1984, for drone conversion.
1240 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3298-Bob-Rowan-04e.jpg
Photo contributor: Bob Rowan (145)
The photo is of H. Earl Hair sitting in front of 56-3298. Earl was my assistant Crew Chief at Nellis AFB in 1969.
1241 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3298-Bob-Rowan-05e.jpg
Photo contributor: Bob Rowan (145)
This picture shows the demise of 56-3298 in the drone program.