Aircraft 56-3406 - F-100D - 80-NH

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Photo contributor: Robert Stephens (169)
Information supplied by Pete Felts: The picture of F-100 56-3406 being air-refueled by an F-105 is a George AFB, 31st TFW bird. When that picture was taken, it probably belonged to the 306th TFS. (Probably 1959, because in 1965 we took it to Vietnam with the 307th.) If you will look at my stuff on Pete Rob's website, I think there is another picture of it lined up on the runway at Bien Hoa. (I just checked, the picture is of 405, but we had 406 as well.) If you have some time, check out the 307th TFS at Bien Hoa. I think the most outstanding thing is that we didn't lose an airplane; 56-428 caught fire on the ground (but that ain't a loss.) I think the final count for our stint there was many sorties over the rest and we didn't loose an airplane. Had to be either good pilots or exceptional maintenance guys, or maybe both.