Aircraft 56-3440 - F-100D - 85-NH

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Photo contributor: Peter Rob (38)
This 1/72 scale model depicts the paint scheme of the F-100D assigned to the 31st TFW, 308th TFS in 19**. (Hasegawa kit with Microscale decals, sheet #72-176, USAF F-100D Super Sabre #3. I used various shades of Bare Metail Foil Co. sheets to create the aluminum skin.) Comment by Pete Felts: Guess what, I have been having some interesting conversations with David Menard, we traveled in many of the same circles, but guess what, we both crewed 56-3440 in Vietnam -- I served with the 307th and Dave served with the 3rd. Comment by Peter Rob: Pete Felts has been my "go to" source on the F-100 project. He supplied pictures, descriptions, and construction tips that made it possible to make the F-100 parts and pieces that I needed. Pete Felts is also the source of many great stories and photos in this database project. Dave Menard is known by just about anybody who is interested in the Hun as "Mr. F-100." Dave has co-authored many books, including F-100 Super Sabre in Color, and has been the source for numerous decals and photos. If Dave doesn't know the answer to an F-100 question, I think it's safe to assume that no one else does, either. Note by Larry Brushface: 56-3440 is presently (2009) at Washington, DC, Air and Space Museum, awaiting restoration.
1041 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3440-Dunham-17e.jpg
Photo contributor: Bob Dunham (84)
Comment by Pete Felts: This picture shows Bob Dunham getting hosed down in Vietnam after a mission, probably his 25th. Anyway, the airplane is 56-3440... I crewed it at George & Homestead and took it to Vietnam in 1965 with the 307th TFS at Bien Hoa. Dave Menard crewed it in 1966 and it is now at the restoration shop for the Smithsonian in Maryland.The world is really small, isn't it? Note by Larry Brushface: 56-3440 is presently (2009) at Washington, DC, Air and Space Museum, awaiting restoration.
1472 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3440, Pete Felts, Janice Coderro Anderson, Jeff Stevens 02.jpg
Photo contributor: Pete Felts (76)
56-3440 restored. I (Pete Felts) am standing on the left. Next to me is Janice Coderro Anderson. Her Dad (Dennis Coderro) was my pilot in Spain in 1958. He was a fantastic pilot, but like all Fighter pilots he could be a little loose at times. Janice is a wonderful lady -- and I told her some stories about her Dad that amused her. Next to Janice is Jeff Stevens. Jeff's Dad was Col. Robert Stephens, Commander of the 31st TFW at George AFB in the late 50's. I didn't know him too well, but I sent him off a few times in my bird.You can bring up Col. Robert stephens on the net and there is a complete bio.