Aircraft 56-3742 - F-100F - 05-NA

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114 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3746-2.jpg
Photo contributor: Jeff Kolln (37)
Photo courtesy of Jeff Kolln Note by Peter Rob: This slide was purchased by Jeff Kolln on ebay. If you know anything about this photo -- who took it, when was it taken, where was it taken -- and/or you can supply additional information about this aircraft, please contact me.) Comment by Arvid Edes: Looking at the mountains in the background, I would say that the location is Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, Arizona.
159 Click picture to enlarge Photo Id: 56-3742-2.jpg
Photo contributor: Peter Rob (38)
56-3742 on the ramp at the MO ANG, St. Louis Lambert Field.